Re-glaze my own Frames

New Lenses

If you're looking to get new lenses for your glasses frames, JustSpecs Optical is the place for you. With our wide selection of lenses you're sure to find something that suits your style and vision needs.

One of the great things about our shop is that we offer the option to put new lenses into your own frames. This means that if you have a pair of glasses that you love but the lenses are scratched, outdated, or no longer meet your prescription needs, you don't have to give up your frames. Instead, you can simply bring them to JustSpecs Optical and we can replace the lenses for you.

Not only is this an affordable option, but it's also a sustainable one. By reusing your frames, you're reducing waste and helping to minimize your environmental impact. Plus, it's a convenient option since you don't have to spend time searching for a new pair of frames that you like.

Overall, if you're in need of new lenses for your glasses frames, consider JustSpecs Optical. We offer a convenient and sustainable option that can help you see clearly and look great at the same time.

  • Save Money
  • Reduce Waste
  • Re-use Frames you love